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    2021 Chameleon Calendar

    Oh, this would so great to have in my kitchen! What a great idea. 😁
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    tap water vs. distilled water

    I've searched high and low for good water because I have a condition Hyperthyroidism. I found it and now use it on myself, family, plants and pets. It is fantastic. It is called the Berkey Water Filter System. It even removes fluoride which has caused several of my heath problems. Here's...
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    Comment by 'Deejay' in media 'Looking sharp!'

    Wow, simply amazing. I thought I was looking at an Octopus at first. Great everything!
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    Wtf my cham snatched my smoke out of my mouth

    It could lead to harder stuff like corn liquor. A Billy Strings joke.
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    Don’t know what’s wrong with him

    Oh, very sorry for the sadness. 😢
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    Silk cocoon

    Hi, the same happened to a few of mine. The way I understand it is they secrete a liquid to help open the cocoon. I saw the liquid stains on the ones that didn't open. Did the other cocoons open? It took mine about 21 days but they were in a cold basement with no heater. Good luck.
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    Don’t know what’s wrong with him

    A variety of bugs makes for a much happier chameleon. My Jackson loves wax worms, but after a few days his spirit to eat them lessens. He than will eat a moth with great zeal, but after a few moths... he won't even look at them. The same is with crickets and silk worms. Could you eat the...
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    Comment by 'Deejay' in media 'Chill'

    This is very a beautiful photo capturing much meaning. Bravo!
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    I dont know what happened...

    He sleeps at 11:15 am?
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    Best place to purchase a juvenile jacksons chameleon?

    I bought my Jackson from BackWater Reptile. I am extremely happy with my purchase. The link is:
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    I see your point.
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    I'm in New England, Connecticut. I had to go out of state to purchase my last setup. Connecticut, is not as great as it used to be and all the shops are closing or they are ridiculously priced.
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    Jackson's Kidney, Horn Health and Husbandry Issues?

    Oh, my regrets and condolences. Life is so fleeting. Sorry for the sadness.
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    Wow, it's like a window back to the Jurassic. Nice pic and setup.
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    Little Bit of Blood in Poop??

    I thought I just did.
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