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    cricket quick question

    So, it seems at 4 weeks crickets are at 1/2" so maybe purchasing 3 week old crickets at 3/8" might be a good idea depending on how many you're buying. That way they wouldn't grow too big for your lil guy...This is just my opinion :) Debs
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    what an adventure!!!!

    I have a few tales that resemble these ones. The worst one was about 16 years ago when my Oustellet "disappeared" into the tree. I couldn't find him for about a month. One morning after a frost I saw him hanging upside down by his tail. I thought he was a goner. I was holding him while berating...
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    Poor Baby,

    Unfortunatly I think it's the nature of the beast. Birds are their enemy so all chameleons have a chance of being eaten. I would love to live in a place where I could just "find" a chameleon! Maybe once he settles and if he's hidden in enough folage he'll have a better chance. Just my thoughts...
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    4 infertile clutches in a row!!

    Any ideas?? Also., is there a book that someone could recommend that has some up to date breeding techniques? ... I've been looking for info (both online and printed) with some detailed research on the care for the female breeder cham before and after laying. Thanks
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    4 infertile clutches in a row!!

    My thoughts are that maybe I'm not keeping her in the "eat as much as you want" phase long enough or the "reduction of food" phase. Here's my concept extracted from various sources (and I may have totally misinterpreted and concocted a bad philosophy): 1. after laying - eat as much as you...
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    4 infertile clutches in a row!!

    Do you mean more than one time in the cage or once and had 4 clutches? I bred her until she rejected the male and I bred her between each clutch (I didn't personally breed her I let the male do that :) )
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    4 infertile clutches in a row!!

    I have witnessed the copulation and may have pics too but...all of her clutches have been infertile! I bred a virgin cham to the same male and and she laid 14 beautiful growing eggs! But the cham I bought at a pet store is not taking. She was full grown and said to be an ambilobe and by all the...
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    I cought her eating the ficus tree

    One of my males lunges at the leaves of his wax leaf privit...and eat them!!! I thought he was attacking something (he used to be an angry breeder and wanted to bite before breeding..thank goodness he grew out of that) but it was just leaves...he's the first one I've ever seen do that though.
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    It looks like a normal (2 eyed) skull from a side first glance though I thought it was a cyclopes.
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    NARBC September Reptile Show in Anaheim

    I'll be there. I'm on the hunt for a Male jacksonii xanthus. Maybe another female ambilobe. Maybe an emerald tree boa, crested gecko, python....... :)
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    Something in his bottom?

    But that's the closest to scientific research that some of us will get to :D:D
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    Jacksonii xanth female giving birth right now!

    I forgot to mention that my panther female gets swelling in her gular area as well as arm (leg) pits. It goes away after eggs are layed.
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    Jacksonii xanth female giving birth right now!

    When I did have my male (I had him for 6 years when he escaped and we found by a cat :( ) and 3 females that was the regimen for years round. Now I have the one female and I'm looking for another male. Jackson's are by far more difficult in my opinion than panthers (but I so love the challenge)...
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    Jacksonii xanth female giving birth right now!

    I'm in California so I don't know if this is of any value but I'll through it out there. I use Ca w/o D3 only once a week, w/ D3 once a month (sometimes every 2 months) and a multi vitamin once a month. As Xanthoman stated Jackson's are sensitive to preformed vitamins. Being in Santa...
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    Pictures from this evening

    Beautiful colors! they are awesome chams!!!
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