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    Video tour of my vivariums! (Before I move and have to take them apart)

    Thanks everyone! I knew when I set up this terrarium in my room up a giant flight of stairs it would come back to bite me. Now time to pay the piper haha
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    Video tour of my vivariums! (Before I move and have to take them apart)

    Hello All, I am moving soon and will need to take apart my grown in bioactive setups in order to be able to move them. I knew this was coming, but it's still sort of a bummer. I figured I'd share them here, so we can all enjoy them before I have to start over. My cham is timestamped if you...
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    Bioactive suggestions

    I think it looks good. I might consider climbing vines if you're having trouble fitting in more branches. They're easy to rearrange as stuff grows in too, or as temperatures in the house change, which is nice. You may have addressed all this already but I have a couple thoughts: If that's a...
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    Video: Five Easy Plants for Beginners

    Hello Everyone, I'm continuing my YouTube series on reptile husbandry that I have internally dubbed the "I am still locked inside" series. I made a video detailing five of my favorite plants to use in reptile enclosures (and all of which I use in my bioactive chameleon setup). I am sure...
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    Secondary Chameleon Cages/Containers

    I have a reptibreeze that I use as a secondary/outdoor enclosure for getting natural UV, or that can be brought in as needed if I am working on his main enclosure. Previously I used a large birdage. For transport to the veterinarian I have a large critter keeper type carrier, with a bendable...
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    Plant Placement. First Enclosure

    I think it looks good overall, just some minor fine tuning with branches to make sure your chameleon can both bask and hide. Bill Strand has a good article on branch/plant placement. A word about pothos that I didn't learn until fairly recently but might be helpful - Pothos can grow upwards...
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    Chamleon enclosure outside

    What I am hearing that you don't really want to take your chameleon outside necessarily, it's just that you currently do not have a UVB bulb or fixture, and you're trying to come up with a temporary fix to get UVB exposure, is that correct? And it'll take two full weeks to get one? A lot of...
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    Chamleon enclosure outside

    If you're at all unsure about it, I might skip it. Or consider taking her out for a few hours (2-4) in the morning before it gets hot. Ambient temperatures are sort of weird - the forecast can say 60 and it can feel like 100 in full sun, and surfaces might even heat up that hot if they are dark...
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    Gutload, are we overthinking it?

    My hesitation to adopt this position is that I think it may be an oversimplification of the diets of wild chameleons and their prey. Some flying insects certainly like nectar, and pollen. They may also opportunistically prey on other insects, consume fruit when available, or even eat decaying...
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    Gutload, are we overthinking it?

    My understanding is that the science on this topic is fairly lacking and so everyone is winging it to some degree. I know the two exotics veterinary practices I have rotated through both have similar handouts on gutloading they will use as generic advice for all insectivorous reptiles, and that...
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    What kind of screen should I use for a homemade enclosure?

    Based on this old post I have used Krylon Fusion spray paint in my enclosures. It works well and is non-toxic once it has dried. It does need a week or so to dry before it's safe to use. I have used it on top of DryLok which I have used to waterproof wooden enclosures, and I have also used it on...
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    Wanting to go Bioactive

    Also, if you're anywhere near Sacramento California, shoot me a message. I will give you a seeder culture of isopods and springtails, I have a million of them. ...Or rather, I'd set it on my porch at a predetermined time and let you pick it up so we don't accidentally spread COVID19 all over...
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    Wanting to go Bioactive

    I'm excited to see more and more people moving towards bioactive. I think it works really well for chameleons. In terms of substrate: Homemade: I have made my own in the past with this recipe: . It works reasonably well, but I do think it may break down faster than the real ABG mix. The...
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    Senegal Chameleon

    I would recommend filling out the history form we have here (below). As already noted, digging can often mean that your chameleon is trying to lay eggs. It could also mean that something is wrong husbandry wise and your pet is trying to escape adverse conditions (high temperatures, prying eyes...
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