Connie McCoy

I love animals and have a weakness for bringing things home with me.
Over the years I have shared my home with cats, dogs, frogs, turtles, geckos, tortoise, hamsters - you name it, I've loved it :)
My current zoo consists of:
Leonard - Veiled Chameleon
Kenny - Pacman Frog
Archie & the gang - Hatchet fish, 3 Tetras, 2 suckers - Thunder & Lightening
Henry - Sulcata Tortoise
Snappy - Red Eared Slider Turtle
Bugsy - Sugar Glider
Cali & Pinkie - Cats
Beth, Brittany, & Little Randy - human teenagers
Big Randy - human husband

We've said good-bye to a few over the years that I won't list out specifically but know that they are in my heart and always will be.

I also have a few fur-nieces & fur-nephews, as well as some human nieces & nephews that I love dearly.

And there you have it that is about my zoo & me - aka 'The McCoy Zoo' #mylittlezoo
May 28
Arab, AL
Connie McCoy
Favorite Species
All of them :)
Support Consultant for Windstream
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