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    Need Help Determining Egg Status

    Yes a big learning curve! I'm not so convinced that you had a bacterial infection with your eggs. That wouldn't cause your eggs to burst. It's more likely just over moisture. Bacteria could enter the egg because of the premature splitting of the shell due to over moisture. But it wasn't a...
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    Eye issue/bleeding eye

    Thank goodness the fecal test came back clear otherwise everyone would be using that for the reason for bleeding eyes! I'm still thinking this could be some sort of viral or bacterial infection but a fungus could be possible. I think your vet is on the right track with attempting to figure out...
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    Eye issue/bleeding eye

    Listen dshuld you need to stop pulling apart the things I say word by word. All I'm saying is that there are a lot of noobie keepers that do nothing but ask for people to fill out the how to ask for help form. In many cases it's quite obvious that the problem a person is having with a chameleon...
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    Eye issue/bleeding eye

    I don't think you will solve the eye issue by continuing the entertainment of this poop questioning! The eating issue is most likely related to the eye issue.
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    Eye issue/bleeding eye

    I've been having the same feelings about this post. It also bothers me that so many people think they will pinpoint the answer as to why the chameleon has had an eye problem this severe by pointing out something wrong in the filled out "how to ask for help" form. I don't believe an incorrect uvb...
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    Brookesia ID

    Here's the expert I was hoping would chime in on this post. Thanks Chris!
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    Kenyan Highland Chameleons

    That possible new Jackson's subspecies is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Chris. I sometimes want to kick myself for going into geology and not chameleon research. But who knows, maybe it isn't too late.
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    Help Needed

    Generally what happens is a female will develop the receptive colours. After a few days or weeks of not being mated she will become gravid (officially bearing tiny eggs). At this point if she saw a male or even another female she would show gravid colours which is very dark green to black with...
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    panthers and the market in the uk.

    Do you mean there are none in stores in the UK? Only one of the 3 stores I visited in Manchester actually had reptiles and they had a young ambilobe female. Another store owner told us many pet stores in the UK don't stock reptiles because a lot of people buy directly from breeders. I think...
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    Posting for a friend!

    You could argue that a chameleons feeding schedule should be altered at 6 months of age .... assuming that the chameleon has finished growing. That's all I'm saying. I dont think you can apply a cut off age just based on one (or a few) keepers chameleons who reach sexual maturity at 5 to 6...
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    Posting for a friend!

    I would not restrict feeding to every other day. She actually does not look like a fully grown female and so should still be eating every day in my opinion. Generally as a female starts showing receptive colours is when I tweak feeding down to reduce egg follicle development. Then I feed more to...
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    Veiled back spikes falling off!!

    As curlytails said likely tumors and I agree the spine peeling is 100% burn injury. I'm thinking the poor look is due to mbd - bulgy legs and fractured ribs.
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    What is your favorite panther locale?

    Would this guy not rather be ambato? I know Ankify as having yellow bodies. They all look very similar to ambanjas but Ankify and ambato do have very obvious traits that set them aside from your usual ambanja.
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    importing to the uk.(or in general)

    What you currently studying? I finished my honours in geology this side and will probably look at doing a masters in the UK. Goodluck with the rest of the degree!
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