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    Santa Barbara

    Heading down for vacation this whole month from the bay area. One of my buddies who is also into chams mentioned that there was a big reptile shop that was worth hitting up. anyone know what this may be? and if so have experiences with it? -Bobby
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    SO Not Comfortable, lol!

    hysterical lol. you should send her to a chameleon gymnastics class
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    My veileds new cage, pic heavy!

    nice job. love darker stains on wood, it seems to transform it.
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    Camille eating her daily Hibiscus

    fantastic pics. camille is so gorgeous. just reminds me how much i need a camera! thanks for sharing
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    what frog is this?

    definitely a bullfrog. i breed these guys in my pond outback. :D too robust for a young leopard frog. HUGE webbed feet and the eyes give it away. and they are very spotted when younger. thats the definition of invasive! lol. yosemite had to kill off a huge amount of them because they were...
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    Frog eats 3 mice (video)

    i have a full grown pyxie and he'll take out three small rats in one feed!! lol. they are quite funny animals. mine in the summer will always croak after his nightly misting when the lights go out. keep us posted on the growth of the little guy. i need to get pics of mine....or a camera for that...
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    Dubias eating???

    yeah prolly need to get used to it...100 can hide fairly easily though lol. theyll get more courage soon
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    The Zoo

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    Unintentional Free Ranging :(

    best of luck! hopefully shell be hungry and looking to bask in the morning somewhere visible
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    The Zoo

    any cham tongue shots?
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    Pothos Sleeping Bag

    what great pics. i love when they search for their places to rest, you can tell they're on a mission!
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    My Veiled Cham

    i vote mojito
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    Trioceros feeding pics!

    beautiful group!! the T. deremensis are just awesome
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    Misting, drippers and baby veileds

    my last cham before my current would actually grab leaves full of water on his ficus with one hand like it was a dish and then go to town!!! most hilarious thing ever i rarely see mine drink like that now, mainly the licking lips...but then compared to my others...hes pretty shy
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    More Parsonii pictures

    beautiful!! im jealous...
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