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    I said I want out! Beman Shenanigans!

    Sigh - I'm so jealous'. Spike doesn't want anything to do with me. I hand feed him every day but he has no interest in climbing on my hand or coming out of his cage. I'll sit in front of his cage with the door open and he shows no interest in exploring.
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    Spike is 6m old - question re feeding

    Spike is fat and happy (at least I think so, how can you tell with that permanent frowny face :LOL:) I know you're supposed to go to every other day feeding when they are 6 months but he checks out his feeding cup every day and still eats like a little piggy. So do I wait for his appetite to...
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    Random Eye Swelling . . .

    Does she have a lay bin available to her at all times?
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    Question about foggers

    I do mine once a week.
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    Feeder Help!!

    I'm waiting on a shipment from Rainbow, hoping they'll make it OK
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    Feeder Help!!

    Oh that's a good idea! They've got some big bearded dragons at my local petco that would probably have enjoyed them.
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    Feeder Help!!

    I put the ones that were too big for him to eat in the freezer to kill them , didn't know what else to do. As you can probably tell this is my first cham - he's an ambanja and about 5 1/2 months old now. One question I'd like to know is can a grown male panther eat those HUGE adult hornworms?
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    Feeder Help!!

    Same thing happened to me, I had no idea hornworms grew so fast. Found out (too late) if you keep them at around 55 degrees it slows their growth way down. A wine cooler is perfect, fridge is too cold although I did read that some people put them in the fridge just overnight. I've got another...
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    !Chameleon Poop Pictures!

    Oh boy! Poop pics! LOL (y)
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    Angus is getting spoiled

    Such a beautiful boy!
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    Poop question

    I never see Spike drinking and I sit and stare at him for hours. I guess he's a secret drinker lol. Just wanted to ask how his poop looks to someone experienced. I have a fogger going at night as per Bill's podcast, light mist in the morning and evening with a 5 minute shower in the afternoon...
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    Club Ambanja

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    Misting system questions!?

    Another thing I like about attaching it to the faucet is you can control the water temp, it's most efficient at 77 degrees and the water coming out of just the cold tap is 55 degrees.
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    Misting system questions!?

    No I have a utility sink in the laundry room, one of things I like about this unit is you can just unscrew it from the faucet.
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