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    Daily dose of Kronk!

    Ok, so the daily dose of Kronk isn't really a daily dose. But I have to tell you even though Kronk is very cranky, he is so much from just to stand and watch. I have come close to being late to work a few times because I wasn't watching the clock in the morning while watching Kronk. Here is a...
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    Beautiful 9wk old baby!

    Gorgeous babies!
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    31 jackson babies

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing.
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    Lame Joke Contest~~ :)

    What do you call a sleepwalking nun? A roamin' catholic!
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    My Kermit died today.

    So sorry about your loss of Kermit.
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    I have babies hatching!!!!!

    Congrats! I love looking at the baby pics!
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    !!! Boys Memorial Weekend !!!

    All beautiful! I really like Embeleco!
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    Cyclone Outside

    Love his colors! He is gorgeous!
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    Daily dose of Kronk!

    Photos from this morning... This does look like he might shed soon, right?
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    updated pics of Kammer male

    Wow awesome colors!
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    Daily dose of Kronk!

    More Kronk photos from this afternoon!
  12. Kronk


    Here is an album of photos of my Ambanja Panther sired by Grimbold of Kammerflage Kreations.
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    Daily dose of Kronk!

    Here is a video. I love how cautious he is when he is moving.
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    Daily dose of Kronk!

    The heatlamp is about 4 inches above the cage. Thanks!
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    Daily dose of Kronk!

    Here are some new pictures of Kronk from over the weekend. I think he is getting ready to shed he has some flaky skin around his eyes. But he seems to be drinking well and eating ok. He is only eating about 6-8 smal crickets a day. I am going to try and get some other foods for him to try...
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