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    CBB Orange eye Parson’s

    That's way too stinking adorable.
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    Snack time
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    She is such a good and gentle girl
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    Comment by 'AmandaS' in media 'Butterfly Wishes'

    Crazy little butterfly.
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    How to distinguish the gender of Rainbow Jackson and Veiled Chameleon?

    Thats how they label them at my local reptile shop. Idk why though!! You'd be expecting panther coloration with that description.
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    Thats a pretty funny looking chameleon.
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    Hibiscus treat

    I always want my girl to eat hibiscus flowers...but she is never interested. Lol
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    D3 and outside

    If my chameleon were outside for 3-4 days out of the week, I would not use any D3 supplements. After all, they say 1 hour of real sun is equal to 12 hours under the light. And if your lighting is measuring uv in the 3s or above, there is no need for D3...which just leads me to believe that you...
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    D3 and outside

    Nope. The real sunlight provides it for them.
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    I dont know what it is, but Opal loves her kale. She doesnt eat any other veggies like she dives on kale.... I do offer her others, but they usually end up being stray cricket food.
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