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Got to go to San Antonio for a little while and left the fur(and scaly) babies home, it’s so beautiful there totally recommend going.
Ugh! I just spent an hour reading an article about the early warning signs of mbd. Does anyone else read something like this and start seeing the signs in their chams? I think I need to just relax and shrug it all those articles about smoking and drinking.
After months of working and planning I’ve finally gotten enough money to build the new bioactive enclosure for Coda, there will be a new build thread coming soon!
The same but so different. I'm sure many of you are a part of Facebook groups about chameleons where the love and fascination of this hobby abound. Facebook crowd is generally crap. This crowd is double thumbs up.
You changed the emoji faces? Or am I tripping
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I don't remember changing emoji faces but there are plans to expand them. What face looks off?
So I’m trippin then o_O it’s the reaction buttons that look like you gave them all facelifts
Just went to Stage 2 of hand feeding with Coda and she did everything in her power to not grab onto my hand to get the super worm :LOL:
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