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Yea the reptibreeze are awesome! I have the medium and extra large, very easy to put together! And try petmountain.com they are cheaper there and should deliver to Canada
yeah my male has the large its very nice :) heres a pic


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I find them on the flimsy side, so I got my husband to build my screen one. Otherwise I use glass where it's species appropriate.
I have several... they seem a bit flimsy to me as well. Made in china without care or attention to detail. My latest cage is from www.screencages.com and it is AWESOME!! They ship to Canada and each cage is made to order, custom sizes too. Mine is 48x48x24! Cheers!
I have these same cages, but I only have small sizes for my babies. My only issue is the bottom door doesn't open and that makes it a lot harder to keep clean.
Maybe try and find someone here in the states the will ship you the DIY cages? I can ship them to you through my work if youd like to have DIY ship them to my work/me and paypal me money to UPS them to you?
I've read in a few threads here comparing cages and usually the reptibreezes were complained about. Seems like people who've only had reptibreezes think they're fine, but the people who've had both reptibreeze and DIY or LLL loved the others, didn't like the reptibreeze, said cheapish flimsy & some complained of early rusting.
I don't know about DIY but I checked with LLL on shipping cause at the time they had their biggest size on sale for $79, and they told me $50 each for shipping. I dont know about customs fees or whatever so i figured if that did add to it, it wouldnt have been too huge of savings from buying it from someone in canada like Cham Nation and also i was intending on going to the Expo, and figured there'd probably be cages there too, but didnt end up going after all so i ended up just getting some flexariums cheap through my boss. (I really need to get someone with a Detroit address so I can get good American stuff & save on shipping!!!)
Anyways, blah blah blah, lol - point is: shipping from LLL will be about $50 per cage.
Older ReptiBreezes rusted, the newer ones are fine.
There's no real way (that I'm aware of) to tell if you're getting a newer one or older one.

I've got everything available right now (except XL, just used it for a adult male veiled) so if you guys need anything, lemme know :)
thank you soo much for evryone replies i decided to order the reptibreeze 2pks as i need them yesterday and the people i have ordered from have told me they can have them at my door by mon or teus.
again thanks alot
Newer ones, well me and my chameleon hate them . Bought 3 this year 2 smalls and 1 xlarge. All priced well under retail which I can live with. Overall garbage explained in another thread about them and exo terras as well. Im still using it as its only 2 months old and I will never buy it again. Its useable not worth money though.

-Door Flimsy and sticks and shakes whole cage when open. Its falling apart. Its just garbage. I guess mine could have been defected but others agreed in the last thread with the same issues. Also I do see rust within 2 months not a lot but its there.

Guess Ill go with LLL's or cages.net DIY or anything but zoo med to be honest next time. Hopefully with better results.
I have Three :D two large one small.

I love them. Make sure you apply a little little bit of oil Q20 on the hinges and the screws.
More chams??

Need 2 new cages ASAP huh?? And you built your own big ones already, did you not? Soooo...?? New chams coming?????? ;)
I've had 2 Reptibreezes, a Large and Xtra-Large.

The Large one rusted even before i felt my Guy had outgrown it, bad rust whereby i could touch the rust with my finger and put a hole in the cage. Probably lasted about 4 months.

The Xtra-Large hasn't rusted as quickly, but it's still just starting to show signs in places.

Apart from that they are nice cages, seem very sturdy.

I've heard the Newer ones don't rust, so i guess i got 2 old ones :mad:
heres a pic of my diy cage (2x2x4) I love it. only cage with a door as big as this one. When you open the door you have access to the very top. makes getting your buddy way easier. Only down fall theres no access hole to run a thermometer. i made a pretty simple stand for it myself cast me 95 for the cage and about 25 in materials for the bottom
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