ZooMed Repti-Sun 5.0 - 36" bulbs

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I was wondering if any of you breeders here on the forum use the 36" repti-sun 5.0 bulb and if you were interested in a trade. I would really like to get a panther chameleon. I love my jackson's but the colors on all of your pictures are just amazing. Here is what I am suggesting...
I used to work at a pet store in VA that used the 36" bulbs. I got a deal on the bulbs by ordering them with my store supplies and then buying them from the store. Unfortunately, I no longer have the fixtures that these bulbs fit into and it seems to be almost impossible to find a 36" fixture that will hold 2 bulbs in Mt Pleasant, SC where I now live.
I researched the going price for these bulbs online and found them priced from $19.80 to $25. I have 23 of these bulbs sitting around taking up space. At the cheap end of the scale that would be $455.40 worth of bulbs.
If anyone is interested I would be willing to trade all of these bulbs for a male panther chameleon. I would prefer a nosy be but I'm open to any of the beautiful species.
Let me know if anyone is interested.
If I listed all of the reptile that my boyfriend and I have it would make sense that I would buy all these bulbs when I had the opportunity.:)
You can PM me or just respond on here.
Thanks for listening.
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