Zoo Med 60W Blue Heat Bulb EXPLODED


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Just writing to see if anybody else has had any issues with this. I have used various heat bulbs for several years with no problems, but this one was just unacceptable.

I bought a brand new 60W zoo med blue daylight bulb 2 days ago (literally). I run that and his uvb from 8-8 daily; today I got home at around 11:00am (3 hours after I turned on his bulb) and a few minutes after I arrived home I heard a LOUD *BOOM*!! Quite literally an explosion.

I ran over to his enclosure to see that (thankfully!!!) my little guy is ok (he's only 3 months old :x). He was sitting quite literally within 8 inches of the heat bulb when it exploded but incredibly nothing hit him (I had to clean up glass fragments from all over the area).

I'm just posting this to see if anyone else has had any such issues? The fixture which the light was placed in has been in use for over 6 years and shows no wear, so I doubt it was the fixture....nonetheless I am replacing both the bulb and fixture just incase.

There is a big white burn mark (looks like a chemical burn) on the reflector of the light fixture as well :x

Even if I got a defective product, this is simply unacceptable imho. It LITERALLY EXPLODED within a foot of my cham!

EDIT: I am promptly informing Zoo Med of this issue..


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I had a normal light bulb pop before, for no reason, I think like said above if any mist hits them they will blow,


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Amazing idea. lol i meant like would this happen if a little hit it or like would you have to point the mister close to the bulb and mist?
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HOLY CRAP!! THIS SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME YESTERDAY! My bulb wasnt zoo med though. I had my heat bulb for 4 days and yesterday i heard a loud noise and i went to my chameleons cage and i saw the bulb had a crack in it and a few pieces were missing. This cant be coincidential...


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Yes I considered the water issue as well but that is very unlikely. My lamp is currently hanging from my blinds well above my plants and I mist horizontally. Besides, when the bulb blew I was in the other room and had just gotten home; I hadn't misted for at least 3 hours.
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