zeus r.i.p


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yesterday i woke up and i found zeus on the floor of his cage with his tounge hanging out..he was still alive for about an hour and a half. right before he died. he had clinched on to my finger and opened his eyes and then passed. he was my first cham. i had him for about a year and a half. his mbd got the best of him. im just glad he's not suffering anymore .

thnks guys for all the help and information from this forum. its been great.
Sorry to hear, always tough

You learned a lot here, maybe too late for Zeus, but if you are thinking of getting another go over your husbandry, use what you learned here and maybe run it by everyone before you actually get one so that you are all set to keep a healthy cham.

But for now - just grieve:(
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Best wishes may he R.I.P

Keeping chameleons is all about learning and observations of your animals,and with experiance you can spot problems before they happen:)

Keep your chin up! all the best
thnks everyone for all the support. i believe that zeus will relive himself in my next chameleon i get in the future:)
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