You've got a little something on your face


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Yeah, right there on your chin.....

That disembodied super head contined to spin and dangle for awhile, and continued to wriggle after it finally fell off for a minute!!! GAH!


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I havent been too active lately here due to a recent surge of painting :D

Here are my latest from my Costa Rica collection, I hope you'll like them!

Thanks for taking a look,

Miss Lily

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:D:eek: OMG! I just love seeing your masterpieces, I look forward to see what you will create next! All your paintings are fabulous! So wish I could paint like that.


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I just hate it when my dragons bite worms and leave part hanging, ewe!!

You painting are wonderful as usual, I never get tired of looking at the one I bought of yours. I think I see my next one from the group you just posted.:D:D


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We are the only people in the world that find this cute! "Awwww look, he has Superworm parts hanging out of his mouth!" :)

Your paintings are drop dead gorgeous!


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Thanks guys!
Julirs, thats exactly what I was thinking when posting these photos. Nowhere else would people not be revolted by dangling bug parts LOL
Jenstar, I link the photos from my website instead of as attachements.
Thank you for your comments on my artwork, they are much appreciated!
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