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Ok, so I had my mom pick me up 50 crickets while she was in town. Last time I put the small ones in the little cricket holder I had, they were small enough to sneak out the holes! so I cut the top off a milk jug for a temporary holding, put in a paper towel and some food. It was tall enough that they couldn't jump out, but I slit some holes in a paper bowel and laid it on top just to be safe.
Ok, it's definately warming up because it is attack of the ants again around my kitchen sink. Can't find where the little things are getting in, but I killed as many as I could.
So about an hour ago, I go to get out a few crickets...and they are GONE!!!! There is one little cricket left and a giant ant roaming around in there too. There are no signs of crickets roaming around my kitchen floor or counter. So did the ants steal my crickets.
I know that if they did it is hysterical, but I am soooooo mad at them. Does anyone know if the ants would steal my crickets? Tara
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In my household, crickets have a strange way of reappearing. They are usually found by my mother, in her bed. I think the person who dislikes them the most puts off a particular smell that attracts stray crickets, and they congregate in places like their bed or their shoes!

In all seriousness.. I doubt that ants took all fifty, although I suppose it is possible. Crickets are not nice insects, and I would think they would put up one heck of a fight. I bought a few from a crappy pet store in town, to see if my panther would eat them again. Nope. But anyhow, there was one smaller cricket in the container with them, and I watched them attack and eat the smaller one. And, they had food and water in the container.

I think the person who dislikes them the most puts off a particular smell that attracts stray crickets
good stuff

Tara ... your family is going to love the new guests.
brad! soooo mean

That is soooooo not funny brad! LOL
Don't the crickets have a really short life span? Here is hoping...
I don't think there were really 50. I had fed the chams at least 6-10 and my pet store also has a way of ALWAYS shorting the crickets. Nice money maker..10 for $1 and then they don't even give you what you paid for. I only counted them one time when it was larger crickets and I was shorted by 10. By the way..there were a lot of ants and they were big...Boy I DO hope the ants took them! Tara
Definately could be ants

Ants are amazing hunters, they can carry anything and if there is one there are thousands that could have easily been there and gone very quickly. Also, if you want to be sure, try putting crickets back into the very same set up, but this time put it inside a larger storage container. If they get out again then you might have an infestation
I'm hoping for NO infestation!

:eek: Oh, I really DO hope the ants took them.
The pet store told me the crickets will only live a week...but they are wrong?
The ants are sneaky! There were a lot and they were big. They had the whole day while I was gone to enjoy stealing them.
I have to clean everything REALLY well when it gets warm or they are everywhere. I love when it gets warm, but could definately do without the ants. Tara
Crickets live for 5-6 weeks for their entire life cycle, depending on the temperature. I keep crickets cool for that reason, and sometimes am able to keep them alive for 8 weeks. If they were really little crickets, they have a while to go.

Maybe the ants did carry them off. Haven't seen a congregation of crickets anywhere yet? My worst escape was around 500, and it took forever to see the last of them. The cats thought I did it for them!

I bet the cats loved that!

They were medium size ones, not as small as I'd expected. Nope, not a sign of a single cricket. Maybe I got lucky! At least they don't chirp! Tara
Today I got my shipment of 1000 4week (half inch) old crickets. I had about 3 20 gallon bins ready, as well as a bigger one. Heh, I opened the box they came in inside the bigger bin so all the escapees wouldn't get to far. I opened that box, I never seen so many jumping crickets ever!:eek: Almost all of them on the top of the 1st layer egg crate jumped out, missed the bin, and landed on the carpet. My dog was running around so paranoid, chasing them around, but wouldnt eat them, just chew them and spit them back up :eek:

Now, the tricky part was getting the egg crates the crickets came in, to fit inside the bins. I had to cut them inside, while hundreds of crickets where on them, they where jumping all over the place. :rolleyes:. Then after hours trying to get them into 3 bins, I finally got a chance to look for the escapees. Now as I am typing this I still a few crickets here and there along the sides of the floor. I hurry up and pick them up and throw them in the Chameleons dish.

What a crazy morning! :eek: :D :rolleyes: How do they count 1000 crickets? Or do they just estimate lol?
I can't believe this!!

Ok, you guys tell me if I have a right to be steamed. You know how my crickets escaped or were stolen by the ants?
I called my mom and had her pick me up 100 crickets from the pet store (since they were my only option for tonight) cost me $10
I met her halfway between my house and her house. She came straight from the pet store. The bag was not squished or shaken or roughed up.
I get home and look at it under the light and think "no way are there 100 crickets jumping around in there.
So I counted them 1 by 1 and this is what my money bought.
* 71 alive and 80 dead crickets! There were 11 crickets that couldn't hardly move and I counted them in with the dead.
My mom said the girl counted them 3 times and even shook some back out of my bag.
Before I call the pet store tomorrow (they are closed now) do I have the right to make a stink about this? This is probably the 10th time they have done this. Talk about a money maker for them! Please tell me what you think! Tara
Fast death. Wonder how they are keeping them? Yeah, I would call and complain about it. I have a crappy pet store in my town that I am forced to buy bugs from now and again, and half of them die right away too. I always gut load them for a couple days before I feed them because I worry about what the pet store is putting into them.

I feel like all I do these days... have to complain about things! What ever happened to caring about the customer. I will call them tomorrow. Pretty soon they are gonna be like "oh crap! Here she comes again!" and then hide or not answer the phone.
Since I haven't really gotten my setup to house crickets yet, they are just in a little container. I have the blue "flukers" stuff for fluid..when I bought it I thought is was food. I haven't looked for a gutload yet and I'm not sure about just using fruits and veggies for the crickets yet. I put a few slices of tomato, grape and strawberry in there for right now. Is this good.
Also is there a cricket food/gutload I can feed my crickets that covers everything until I'm ready to use my own gutload? Thanks, Tara;)
Thanks so much....

First I apologize to everyone for asking the same questions, and probably questions that have been answered in the forum somewhere. Nobody has answered my post about feeding chams in the food section yet, so I'm gonna have to comb the forums and make a note of all relevant information.
If I didn't say, I do have to mention that Eric's caresheet is wonderful! So now I have to go back and look at everything I thought I had learned and everything the pet store has told me and make sure everything is right. Thanks again for the help. I'm writing it down and saving links right now!
ROFL this thread is hilarious... I have had the same things happen to me... I once was putting 1000 crickets into a container that was on the floor and I was in a position where my body was down to the floor, yet still on my feet (bent knee position). Well I opened the box and was holding it with one hand and hitting the bottom of the box with the other to get the crickets out. As I was doing this, I lost my balance and the box went flying, crickets and all! I must have had at least 250-500 crickets all over my room - OMG! This scene should have been on Comedy Central when I was panicking trying to catch as many crickets as I could AND trying not to step on them at the same time! I had crickets all over my house for weeks and weeks. lol.

I have determined that crickets have a way to make you look like the stupid one when trying to catch them... I think they laugh the entire time you swoop your hand down to catch it only to find it has jumped a foot further away or something :D .

And Tara? Let me tell you the bad news now... Crickets life span is about 6 weeks and the females also lay eggs :eek: . I found crickets in my house for months after my episode of the Great Cricket Escape - I have found them in my shoes when putting them on, in my sheets crawling on my leg (at 5:30am), in my clothing, and even crawling the walls. One time I even found a cricket in a sealed fruit fly container?!?! How did it get in there? I have no idea... no holes anywhere! :D
Those tubes came from a cricket keeper you can buy, and I removed the tubes to use in my containers I made and then use the cricket keeper as a carrier for when I take one of my chameleons to the vet and/or use it for worm containers.

You can see the cricket keepers I purchased and I use the tubes it comes with for my homemade cricket containers here:

I bought the large ones... which has good size tubes and a good size for chameleon carriers and/or worm keepers. LLL Reptile sells them for 11.99... ends up having two uses for me :) .
Lol Jenna!

This morning after taking a shower (the shower in my cellar/gameroom) I found about 3 crickets in the shower, and about 4 hopping around the bathroom. So about 7 crickets total in the bathroom. Then I walk out the door, and theres about 5 hopping around on the floor! It thought I picked the majority up that had escaped yesterday, but somehow they found a way downstairs. Oh well, hopefully my cat will get em! :D
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