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I have my female Tamatave covering her clutch right now and I am still looking for a best way to incubate the eggs. I want to ask pardalis breeders about their techniques and their slip rate. I read that keeping them cool at cca 18-20 C for 2-3 months and then raising temp to 26-27 C is the fastest way how to incubate them. Is it aslo the safest way and is the slip rate better then leaving them at constatnt 26 C temp? Thank you for all your posts about your success with incubation.
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Hey Lubo,
Sorry that I can't answer your question, I am presently trying to breed my Ambanja's and am curious myself? I just had to write and ask how you got that great picture of her laying? It looks like you have some sort of glass container that she is laying in? Is that her actually in the hole dropping eggs?
yes almost right. I have glass terarium and I have put soil directly in it so she is not stressed by transport to some container to dig. And it happened that she dug a hole right beside glass wall and layed her eggs there so I could watch everything like in TV :D Yes on that pic she is actualy there droping her eggs. Thanx for comment
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