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Im picking up two baby baby veileds tomorrow from my bosses friend. He knows im into reptiles (didnt know about the chams) and asked if i wanted to two of them. I asked for pictures and what they were (totally forgetting that not everyone gets excited about chameleons like i do) and he said idk they are little and green :confused: so i said sure.

Anyways fast forward a few days and hes says i can have both chams, setup and EVERYTHING with them for $60, cuz they wanted a little bit of money for the investment so i said sure. Anyways i got a little more info out of them.

- it is a male/female pair
- they are TINY!
- they are supposidly from tiki tiki (but dont have paperwork or anything so i doubt it sounds like someone was being an internet jocky)
- They are in a 10G aquarium with 1, yes 1 vine
- They are not misted, but instead left with a water bowl
- They have been being fed 3 or 4 cricket every few days by just throwing them in there (so whos knows what everyone is actually eating)

anyways wish me luck, here is a picture i have of one of them. Its a suck pictures but ill update it better tomorrow afternoon after i pick them up.

Back to the original question though, at what age/size do i need to split them up? I have a 2 x 2 x 2 setup and ready to go already (2 tress yada yada i know how to setup a cage) im just wondering when i should start looking for cages. Im neurotic about all my cages being the same size if they are next to eachother so i want to make sure i have to find source the right size cages. Hopefully they arent in too bad of shape, we will know more tomorrow.
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