Young Veiled Tail Wounds


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I recently bought a veiled cham from petsmart. Mostly out of sympathy. She was housed with 3 Beardies, another veiled and a uromastix. She has a bite wound from the uro on the last inch of her tail. It is black and brittle then a quarter inch is green then another quarter inch is black again then a healthy tail.It doesn't seem to be infected, rather, it seems like its healed for the most part. I was wondering if there was anything I could do that would benefit her in the long run.
At the first sign of infection (any puss or drainage at all) I would see the vets. You can use Silvadene or Zymox on it.
Thank you. I've been using zoo med healing aid and there doesn't seem to be any discharge.

Just FYI...bruises on cham skin can show dark grey or black. Some of the area might be bruised and some might be dead tissue.

As you surely know, that PetSmart was treating all the herps in that cage cruelly. Even though we understand why you bought the cham, statistics actually show that the majority of animal sales from chains like this rise out of sympathy or concern for the animals. PetSmart made their profit off the kindness of others. Unacceptable and despicable. The only way to keep them from mistreating other "replacement" livestock is to refuse to buy them.
personally if there is any open wound.......i would get a sterile container big enough to submerge the tail. dilute some providone iodine w/fresh bottled water to a mild tea mixture. submerge the wound for a few minutes then rinse with saline or fresh bottled water. if there is any open places i would dab a small amount of polysporin.

good luck with your little one.
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