Young adult veileds for adoption

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I had someone here in Vegas basically dropped 2 mid-sized veileds on me, not able to keep them anymore. They're admittedly in bad shape, and had been housed together. They apparently didn't get along, because they've both got stub tails and are a little rough around the edges. They appear to be over a year old to 18 months, and she told me that the female had laid 2 clutches of eggs.

Anyways, they're free to someone that has cages ready, all I'm asking is that you cover shipping / box costs (call it $60 total with box and ice pack - I need an ice pack to ship out of Vegas). Also, I am willing to split them up, but the cost of $60 will be the same either way.
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Going nowhere fast

This male is still available... I'd love to have his cage opened up for something else... I'll throw in a free t-shirt!!! Come on people LOL... ;)
I take it back, he's still here... Again, no payment. First $60 takes it... Sorry to keep bumping my own thread, I figured people would be jumping on this one.

Woo Hoo! Tho I think Darci was going to take it... LoL... She said she forgot to call you... Whops! :p

You snooze, you lose! He's going to a good home, so it'll be fine. When do I get to stop feeding your chameleon, and you can take posession?
When do I get to stop feeding your chameleon, and you can take posession?

Pick it up? I thought that I buy it and you take care of it, breed it and then I pick up the eggs? Sheesh; guess you have to read the fine print at the bottom of the page... Got some time on Sunday? Im off alllllllll day.
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