Young Adult Hermanns Tortoises

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We have a pretty batch of 4-5" Hermanns tortoises available at this time. Both sexes available, these are rock solid, perfectly healthy and very heavy. They are originally WC, imported in 2009 and have been housed outdoors since then. We are offering them at $150 each, females $225.

We ship all our tortoises with UPS Next Day Air, nationwide, 12 months of the year. Our tortoise shipping is now flat rate at $34.95 for one or a dozen tortoises.

Our tortoises are housed in spacious (mostly outdoor) enclosures built by us to meet the needs of the species. Every tortoise we sell is guaranteed to arrive alive and healthy to you, even if UPS or weather screws it up. If you buy a tortoise from us, you will get a quality tortoise regardless of shipping error. Additionally, we guarantee our tortoises for 3 days from the time of arrival to be problem free. Every tortoise we sell is completely perfect in every way unless stated otherwise. Our site will not allow you to buy an imperfect animal, or buy something we don't have in stock ready to ship immediately. See our website for our terms, guarantee details, and disclaimers, or just to learn more about us.

Shop 24/7 on our site's secure shopping cart and feel free to ask questions via e-mail at [email protected] or by phone at (702) 658-5659. Thank you for your consideration!​
Not open for further replies.
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