yet another newbie silkworm question


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I got my first batch of eggs in today. They were not shipped cold packed and when my girlfriend got the mail she took them out and put them in the fridge. They were in there for maybe 3 hours before I got home and took them out. I read that its a no no to put them in refridgeration after they have been you think they will still hatch?
They will be fine. If you want to keep them in the fridge and hatch them out at a later time you should order a cold pack, That works the best.
This order was just a water testing order to see if they would ship to Hawaii, so I only ordered 1000 eggs. I was thinking of ordering a bunch next time and delay hatch them but the shipping worked out to be more than the order so I dont know if I will be doing that. I was also wondering what people thought about phoenix worms, good? bad? ok?
On the subject of silkworm eggs.. I accidently put a bag of about 5000 silkworm eggs in the freezer. I was pretty convinced they were dead.. they had been in there for 4 days. Not so.. they are hatching now!

Phoenix worms.. I haven't had a whole lot of luck getting my chameleons to recognize them as a food source.

My guys adore pheonix worms almost as much as wax worms.. but I find it hard to keep enough of them alive to justify the expense. I suppose if you could get a truly fresh batch, that might make a difference..
My silkworms started hatching today, so far only 20 of the 1000 eggs. The guy I bought them from told me not to feed until they all hatch because if you do it will cause the humidity to go up and kill the unhatched eggs. I was just wondering how long the ones that have hatched will last without food.
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