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Hi I am a new yemen chameleon owner, I have had him for about a week now I am unsure of his age but still only fed on fruit flies I think he is about 4 weeks any advice would be appreciated done lots of research but find everything is very contradictory. Thanks shell


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Looks about 2-3 weeks old. I like baby chameleons. As to the contradictory advice...Its the internet man. Everybody is an expert superhero doctor here. Hahaha, try to find the middle ground and go with what your gut tells you. If it feels like some advice is better then go with what you feel. The good thing is that with basic care there is a pretty good consensus on this forum. Follow the care sheet, found somewhere on that resources tab in the upper left corner...your left! Not mine!...anyways, good luck cham trainer. May the force be with you!


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Welcome to the forums! Such a tiny cute guy you have.

Their is a member here, jannb. She has a very good veiled blog that you should read. Sorry I dont have the link. Just go to her profile, then blog entries. Good luck!


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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Wow, that is a tiny guy! Yea, only a few weeks old at most. What a cutie!

Here is the forum's big general care sheet on chameleons: and this is the veiled specific one:

They're both going to be excellent help if you still have questions or doubts. And then of course feel free to ask anything that you still need help with, we're happy to help. But those will tell you how much to feed him, how warm to keep him, etc.


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Welcome to the chameleon forums and congrats on that tiny little baby. From the size of the casque I'd said that baby is no more that a week or two old. Where did you get a baby that small? Along with the fruit flies i would also add some pinhead crickets. The links that Olimpia gave you above are excellent and I'd also like to add a link to my blog for new keepers about how I raise my veiled babies with great success.


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Thank you everyone, really only 1-2 weeks I was told 3-4 weeks by the reptile shop I got him from. I was nervous then, is there info in your blog jannb?
I personally use Jannb's blog for chameleon care and SandraChameleons blogs for feeder gutloading. I believe they both much more then that in their blogs however.
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