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Hi everyone

I need help I am a first time owner to a chameleon and last night we found a nice pile of eggs.
We suspected she was having a phantom pregnancy, but wasn't sure until last night.
Now.. I watch this video on YouTube last night on how to tell if the eggs are fertile as after reading afro a Web page earlier it said that even an unmated female can have fertile eggs. So back to video, the guy on there was placing the egg on a torch and if he could see an embryo then it was fertile. So.....I have done this with like about 9 so far and 5 have these red dots/circles (embryos)
Is this true can a chameleon who hasn't been mated have fertile eggs will I be wasting my time doing an incubator and checking for embryos etc.
Please help I am at a lose


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Wait I am sorry... She has never been mated? Then they would not be fertile. They absolutely still lay eggs even when they are not mated. Just like chickens do.

How old was she when you got her?
She was 6months when we got her


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Chameleons do retain sperm for some time after mating. did the person you got her from know for sure she never was exposed to a male? It’s possible she was and no one saw it.


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If she was mated she should have laid the eggs about a month after the mating.

You said..."I need help I am a first time owner to a chameleon and last night we found a nice pile of eggs" many eggs did she lay? Did she lay them in a hole or on the surface?
Did she dig a hole at all?

You said..."Ok thank you I am doing more as boyfriend managed to get another 9 out so will take a few pic" did your boyfriend get eggs out of her?

How is she behaving now?
Photos please...of her now and the eggs.
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