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So our sweet, calm little male Yemen George has just turned into the chameleon from hell, and we're a bit worried. He has just turned one years old, and a month ago we bought a new female Yemen who is a bit younger than him.

Clearly they are in seperate vivs and are currently not in sight of one another (she was in a viv opposite him for a week while we arranged the shelving) but her viv is now next to his and there is a visual barrier so that they cannot see each other at all. Ofcourse during this period when she was opposite him he was constantly looking for her and displaying. He also became extremely agressive towards us even when we are just passing his viv. He will literally colour up and run towards us, biting the mesh (which concerns us as he may hurt himself and my wife has already been bitten - ouch!).

We thought that he would settle back down when she was moved out of his sight, as she would be out of mind. However he is still very aggressive and is always coloured and displaying as soon as he sees us. Clearly the sight of the female has triggered his natural urges and they don't seem to be able to be turned off. We wondered if it is perhaps more that just sight of the female - does he remember/know where she is (hear her moving) even though he can't see her, or does she give off pheromones that he can still detect. Or does he now see us as other male Yemens/competition?

Clearly we would like to mate them eventually and she displays blue/orange colours when out of the viv and in sight of him, but it would terrify me at the moment to put her with him due to her small size and the fact that he could seriously hurt her very quickly before we could restrain him (with gloves).

Whilst we were prepared for Yemen's to be grumpy and not always fond of handling the fact that we cannot open his viv without a violent reaction makes things difficult, and wonder if other people have had any similar experience/can offer any advice? Will he calm down after mating as he has just worked himself up into a frenzy?

Look forward to hearing from anyone?


here he is in all of his glory ..


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Nice looking cham. I don't have much experance but I think he is just in the mood for love and showing out. =)


Thanks he is a good looking fella (other than the burn scar from the ******* mercury vapour bulb he had before!!!)

Yes I think you right, but just wondered if any other owners experienced this much agression and whether he will mellow out again when mated?
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