Yellow lip parson enclosure


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Hi, I am getting a female yellow lip parsons chameleon and I am looking for a large enclosure. I have found two cages, one 6’x2’x3’ and the other 6’x2’ 5”x4’. I am waiting to hear back from the people if they are still available. If they are no longer available or I never hear back, does anyone know where I can find an enclosure this size or similar to? I am also looking for safe plants small and large to put in and large branches.
Is it recommended to put a zip drip in the enclosure?


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There are only 2 companies that produce enclosures big enough specifically with chameleons in mind. That is Dragonstrand which makes one that is 4x4x2

and Tamura Designs, who has a 4x4x2 format but also can build larger custom enclosures.

past that most make their own enclosures that I’ve seen.

I’m sure there are some other companies that can make suitable large enough but I am not familiar with any.


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Here's is the link from dragon strand.

And this is what Tamura designs sent me after speaking with them a few months back


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I agree with Jeremy - best bet is to go DIY / custom. It really isn’t too bad if you have some basic tools. Beman did a nice DIY ok an outside enclosure.

I’ve been modifying some of my bug cages using aluminum window screen frame (what many companies use) - but working with window screen is a total PITA.


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Okay, thank you guys! I think I may just try to build my own if these two don’t work out.
Is the safe plant list the same for parsons?
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