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My female veiled has yellow poop instead of white? Is that bad? Does that mean she is not getting enough water. IT worries me because when my male poops he has the white matter come out but she has more yellow than white. hers only has one little spec of white and 3/4 of it is yellow.
IT's possible there is a bit of dehydration. Try increasing her mistings and see if that helps.
Be careful misting 7 week old babies though.
You don't want to directly mist the animal. Especially in the face, at this age it is possible they could aspirate the water into their lungs.
Mist the plants and the sides of the enclosure, but not the babies.

Make sure your crickets are well hydrated.
Give them a pretty damp, clumped up paper towel to ensure they are drinking before being fed.

humidifier do help too.........Chameleon like veiled usually gets the water they need from water droplet in the air... by increasing the humidity + proper misting will do the trick!!
Howdy Weston,

I've been successful at misting babies right from their first hours out of shell. They go right into their enclosures that are automatcially misted for 20 minutes twice a day. I too, have read about the possibility of them drowning in a drop of water but so far no issues. I've seen them with full drips right on their noses with no troubles. For hand misting, I recommend one of the 1-2 quart hand-pump-up plant misters that are sold at Home Depot and others.

I like the middle one: Use warm water.
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