Yeah...His First Carrot!


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today i was low on crix so i decided to see if my chams wanted to try veiled looked at me like I was some psyco but my panther LOVED them..Im so happy..what kind of fruits/veggies do you guys feed to your chams?


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My Veiled got his first bit of collard greens yesterday.

Most keepers of panthers do not offer vegetables or greens to their chameleons
It seems that they would have free access to greens in the wild. I'm not a panther expert but I saw a few other posts about people's panthers eating vegetables.

It seems to me that it would be pretty difficult to get a strict insectivore to eat a vegetable.

From what I have seen so far I'd say panthers and vegetables seem to be a subject that could use some more research.


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Most keepers of panthers do not offer vegetables or greens to their chameleons.


Ive seen a few posts about panthers eating greens, some eating carrots too. He really enjoyed it and wanted more. are you saying that as a bad thing?
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I certainly don't see what it could hurt. It could definitely use more research. Considering we gut load our crickets with veggies and greens, and the chameleons ingest them via cricket, how could it be a problem?

I'm going to try carrots as well. I tried collard greens and the panthers and the Melleri all gave me nasty looks. Maybe carrots have an appealing color or smell....


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How did you present the veggies? I'd be thrilled to see my chams eat vggies. So much vitamins and fiber.
Did you chop it up and put in a dish on the bottom? Did you hand feed. I tried but the chams seem to have no interest if it doesn't move like someone else just mentioned


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i got a potatoe peeler and shaved a thin piece off the carrot then put it infront of my cham he licked it, then he just dug in
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