Yay! Some progress


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So I decided to put a second feeder container in Stitch's new cage. She hasn't been going near the other one with crickets in it. So, I put a second container in and then put two wax worms in it. Then I decided to take her and place her on the vine directly above this container. She immediately looked down into the container. Within about 1-2 minutes she balanced herself on the vine and Zap.... ate one of the wax worms!!!!! Yay :D I was beginning to totally lose faith that she would ever eat from any container after much trial and error with different sizes, locations, etc. So, now I can try tomorrow putting three or four crickets in the container she ate from tonight. I might also try moving her over by it again so that she can see there is something in it. My next project is to figure out the best way to position the dripper I just bought today. I don't want to over water the live plants in her cage, but also need the water to drip on something. I right now have it running for a while, dripping on one of the fake plants. Under the fake plant, I put a small bowl to catch the water. Not an ideal setup, but I will mess with it more tomorrow.


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Good job! On your way!

I still love the name Stitch.

When a veiled gets all hissy it's just like the cartoon disney character when he gets that way!



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Yes, she is a fickle little beast, that tries my patience.... but I love her anyway :D
I stole the name "Stitch" from something I was watching on tv. It was a show about people and their pets, and a woman with tons of money who lived in New York City had a dog named Stitch. The dog and woman were total Divas... I should have thought twice about using the name, LOL
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