Xylosma toxic for Chams???


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We are in the process of building our green house for our chams, we have amilobes, jacksons, panthers, nosey bes, and veileds. Melleri coming soon too. The green house is completely enclosed, but there are Xylosma shrubs to be planted next to it. Never heard of anything saying they are toxic, nor saying if they are safe. Well actually, I have read on this melleri discovery website http://www.melleridiscovery.com/caging/caging.htm, that they have some with their chams. But that's just one source. I'm just worried if it were to over grow into the free range portion if it would potentially harm them.

If anybody has any experience with this particular plant I would greatly appreciate the info!!;)


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I know, I have a list and have experience with most of the plants for chams, just curious about this plant in particular.
If you can't find anything verifying it isn't toxic I wouldn't use it. It's best not to gamble and there is such a long list of what you can use anyways


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If Kristina put it in her Melleri Discovery, then it is safe. She researched everything carefully before writing Melleri Discovery.
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