WTT. Leachies for a male Ambilobe.

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I have some baby leachies. Dont know the morph of these but i think there a cross. Beautiful and i handle them a lot. I would be intersted to trade if you have a high end ambi male/possible proven breeder or some type of falys. Pickup only in Orange County California. Thanks.
I may be interested in 1 or some of them…

Do you have no guess at all to the type that they are? How many do you have, and where did you get them? I am sure that you know the price of babies varies from a few hundred to nearly a grand. So with no information at all on them the lowest price possible on them has to be given.

Kind of like I have a baby Faly and a baby Ambilobe, are you willing to pay Faly price for a maybe Faly or even still a maybe Faly cross?
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