Wrinkly Skin?


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hello all :)

i have been noticing that Jude ( 8 month old male panther) has been having some wrinkly skin lately......within the last week or so.......with jack ( my old veiled) the vets told me that loose, wrinkly skin can mean dehydration..........but judes poo's are all normal, pure white urate, he drinks from his dripper regularly, and he is going through a great shed right now, nice big chunks...........can the wrinkly skin just have meant that he was going to shed? thanks!!!!


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Don't worry about it. He's a reptile. They have wrinkly skin now and then. As long as he's well fed and watered...do not worry.:)
Where is it wrinkly? what part of his body?

If the skin is turning why or gray... then it is him getting ready to shed.

Take a pic so we can see what it is.
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