WOW some of your chams are so colourful


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I've browsed the photo's on this site, and i'm absolutely loving the vivd colours some of you have achieved.

My question is, what species do you find, have brighter, more vivd colouration? and is it down to diet as much as what species he is?

I ask because i'm in love with chams and would love to get a really big bright friendly cham.


There are a few species of chameleons that are bright and colorful. The two most common ones found for sale are panthers (Furcifer pardalis) and veileds (Chamaeleo calyptratus). Males of both can be quite colorful.

Veileds have a reputation for not having a good temperament while panthers are usually more mellow. NO chameleon "likes" to be handled but some TOLERATE it better than others....and I do mean tolerate.

Before you get a chameleon, please do a lot of reading about them and ask lots of questions because they are not an easy lizard to keep in captivity.
Nice, i have a vieled cham at the mo, but he's having problems (see post in health section. He has a great temprament it seems, is hardly aggressive, hands feeds fine and actually scratches to get out occasionaly.

He has a nice bright green colouration, as do all vieleds, but i've seen some nice blues and reds around this site :)

I think i will have a look into panthers and what it takes to look after them


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