Wow, pics inside

here they are! Male when mellow.

Male when fired up



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Hey Jake,
Nice Ambilobe. Do you have any eggs incubating right now? We could like trade babies. That Ambilobe looks awesome. Can I know which chameleon sired him?
Sadly, no i have no incubating eggs at this time, but he is Dying for a mate. He saw his sister, and he has been bobbing his head still and hour after!lol:p

But once anything is produced, i would LOVE to trade! Im currently looking into a male to breed with his sister, and a female to breed with him.

His sire is Hao-Ombilahy from Chameleons only


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I really love the blue on yellow. He had more potential to turn more orange. If you look at one of your picture. He started to have the front part of the body turning slightly orangy. I assume he would turn full bloom orange when you show him another male panther or maybe in a couple more shed.:D You did a grat job raising him. Too bad you don't have any female to paired up with him. If you would like to produce some really nice red body blue barred babies, Pams Chams have some 2-3 months old female babies available. They are sired by Meka, an awesome red on blue ambilobe. I bought a baby male from her. He is showing a lot of red at age of 3 months old.:D


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I forgot to mention that i would love some personal opinions one my critters:rolleyes:

thanks much,


I looked at the pictures of your male. I think it burnt my retinas because I'm having trouble seeing now....may have to wear sunglasses inside from now on. You'll be hearing from my lawyer! :D

Keep up the good work, love those blue bars.


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It sounds a little sketchy to me but chameleons only said it was perfectly ok to breed brother and sister...
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