Wow-How they grow!


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Leon at 11 weeks...

Leon at 7 months...

Does anyone else have any age progression pics out there?
Here is a male and female panther as juveniles, then adults. As you can see, my camera was much better in the later photo.
Jezzi, female at approx. 4 months

Kobi, male at approx 5 months

this is the two of them together as adults
Heres a few of Phil ages 4 and:eek:9 months:eek:


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It is always a good recomendation to keep a good track record for your chameleon. You will be impressed of how well they turn out to be from a tiny 4 inch baby to a 18 inch adult. This is my Blue Barred ambilobe; Rekka (sorry i get carried away!!)

Rekka at 2 months




Rekka at 4 months

Rekka at 8 months

Rekka at 11 months



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Wow pohchunyee! I was just going back through old threads and had not seen these pics that you posted. Awesome age progression pictures-very nice chams!
Here's Kitty at 5 weeks old.
He was a little over an inch long if you stretched him out!:)

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Gorgeous animal. While I have seen more dramatic shifts, Rekka demonstrates how the red-orange background takes a while to come in, and then how it can shift still while an adult. Great sequence.
Thanks guy! I actually flooded the whole thread with Rekka's picture. Rekka is my precious gem. He is so gorgeous. I can't wait for his eggs to hatch and see how the babies turn out.

Rekka is sired by Cyclops (Matt Jillson) X Sister to Anubis Junior (ChamCo). He turn out to be a gorgeous chameleon. The female mated with Rekka is sired by Seth (BlueBeast). I am hoping to prodce some crazy red on blue ambilobies.

I have personally see Rekka much redder, almost "glow in the dark' red when he is sleeping. Here is the pic.


if anyone is interested in full sequal picture, i have about 40+ pictures uploaded in facebook. Here is the link

I thought I saw some of my blood in there .... LOL .... I still have a "Doubting Thomas" or two out there. Cyclops is in our chameleon "Boot (Sand) Hill Cemetery" here, btw, next to the senior Anubis. Your critter is now one of the textbook examples of red-color shift in Ambilobes. Its a color that has to be waited on, and then can come and go as an adult in some individuals, although Junior has never shifted, nor Hyperion. Some of their offspring have, as well as a few other males here from other bloodlines. Good job with him, and best of luck with the offspring.
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