Would infertile eggs still be in good condition?


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I'm trying to just chill and wait it out but they're making me antsy. I assumed they were infertile, I had my female for 33 or 34 days before she laid and she never was in contact with a male in my care. But, I kept the eggs for the chance that she had contact with a male before I purchased her and stayed gravid for a bit longer than average.

I have the breeders business card somewhere but I can't find it for the life of me so I can't contact him and ask about his husbandry. Today I finally got some coarse vermiculite and switched the eggs into that from the soil I had put them in (didn't turn them or anything). They were laid on April 1st. Still white and firm, no mold, discoloration, or dents.

I am incubating them in a dresser drawer that is 73-74 during the day and 68-70 at night.


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What do you have to lose by waiting? I have a set of tavatana's eggs that should hatch in May. Started with 9 eggs, 2 went bad first month, 2 more went bad a month and a half later, 2 more went bad 3 weeks ago. i am still hoping for the last 3. Do i expect them to hatch, no not really, but I will be one very happy camper if they do. just give yours some time.


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Generally they will mold over and collapse within two weeks if they are infertile.

However some infertiles will hang on for a long time and still appear good. I still have 4 carpet chameleon eggs from a clutch of 10, they were laid 10/14/09. They still look good, but I am 99% sure they are not going to hatch. 1 out of the 10 did start to come out, but died in the egg. The rest were nothing but yellowish goo when I cut them open. One at a time they would sweat and then nothing would happen with them.

You will know in time if they are good or not. I know it sucks waiting, but for now it is all you can do really. Later on you might be able to see some vascularization in the eggs by candeling them, but it is too early for that now.


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Thanks guys.
I'm going to wait on them either way. But if they are fertile I'd really need to get into contact with the breeder to get more info, and I'm not looking forward to tearing apart everything to find his business card.
I was expecting them to go bad pretty quickly so I'm just surprised they're still looking good, :)
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