Would anybody here....?

So i have a DSLR camera that I have and want to trade for some screen cage(s) and accessories. I know this may sound a bit cheap, but i really cant afford to spend as much money as i would like on my chams at the moment. Mainly because school just started, and school books where quite a bit more expensive than expected. Now I am not saying I dont have enough money to take care of them, because I do. I just would rather trade something that someone may want, for something they may not need. IDK if this is a bit ridicoulous?
Let me know what y'all think.
i think its a great idea i know for a fact that there are members on here that want/need a better camera, i have a rebel xti so im good but best of luck
Thank you :)
Mines a bit older model. Its the rebel EOS digital.
6.1 mp
But you should know that the MP are only for printing purposes.
Takes some pretty great shots.
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