worried about male veiled, acting strange ?


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My male veiled chameleon is acting a bit strange today. He seamed to be sleeping today at 3pm which is not like him at all, he usualy heads up to his favourite branch about 6.30-7pm to settle down for the night.

He is just finishing a shed, and always goes kinda depressed when he sheds, so i just put him not being as active down to this.

Temps, humidity, all fine, no changes in his enclosure. He accualy climbed onto my back when I had my head in when spot cleaning today, which he has never done before. He's in a 6ft converted cabinet, and very rarely uses the bottom half...he was right down wandering about the live plants today :confused:

I seen him do a kind of little hiccup thing a few times as well. Checked his breathing, no hissing popping sounds....no excess saliva, was very active when I brung him out to check. He doesnt look unwell, his colour's are stunning as always

Im really at a loss right now, never seen him act like this before...might wait and see how he is in the morning and see about a vets.

Or am I worrying over nothing, and hes just feeling down because he's shedding :(
If you are worried enough to consider vets, then do it. When my first cham, Lily, started closing her eyes in the day I knew instantly that something was wrong. I was straight on the phone to the vets and took her in the next morning (I oticed she was closing her yes late afternoon, by which time there were no appts left that day). Sadly, she died only 5 days after first showing signs of illness. Usually with chameleons they mask and hide their smptoms so well that by the time we actually notice something is wrong it can very often be too late.

Take him ot the vets, and at the very least you will be a bit out of pocket, but that is worth every penny even if it turns out that he is in fact not sick after all. Peace of mind has no price, imo.
Miss Lily gave you some excellent advice. I just hope you will follow her advice. Keep up posted on how he's doing.
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