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So if you are using a piece of aluminum screen in between the UVB and basking branch you want a total distance of 8-9 inches between to put her in the perfect level with the 5.0 bulb. OR remove the aluminum screen in between and the distance will be perfect. If she is now digging wait until she is done to adjust this though.

69 is not cold for a night time temp. I keep my night time temps between 62-65. They need the cool down.

How are you measuring her basking temp?
Digital thermometer/hydrometer (the cord she has her tail around)


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Digital thermometer/hydrometer (the cord she has her tail around)
Try to wrap that cord more around the branch then have the probe sticking out on the side. You may need to attach with a zip tie lightly securing it. Right now it is sitting down below the branch so it is actually not giving you an accurate reading. If it is saying 79 there then where her back is would be hotter. So think of it this way you want it to show about 77 at the branch because where she rises up closer will sit more 79-80.

You can see mine in the pic. The probe is sticking more out on the side of the branch so Beman is not blocking it.

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