WOOHOO!!! Fruit fly success!!!!


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Well, as you know, Simba decided he was afraid of the silks I tried him with when I got him 11 days ago, so I've been using other feeders but then I just got some fruit flies to try and tempt him to eat regularly.

He did eat 7 small morios 2 days ago and a couple of wax worms yesterday though so that's good.

BUT THEN..... on realising that my fly culture with 2 flies in had EXPLODED and was full of flies, I decided to give them a go this morning.

Carefully opened corner of tub and tapped about 40? in a big jug with some calcium supp, swirled them about and tapped them into Simba's feeding cup......

HE WENT NUTS!!!!. He RAN straight over and started lapping them up from leaves, from the cup, wherever they were!!! I'm SOOOO happy. It was fab watching him hunt as he's only taken feeders from forceps. Soo glad he seems happy to do both. He couldn't get enough of the little critters LOL

Just wanted to share my joy with those who understand :D !!! My OH just couldn't see the logic in being excited over him eating some flies!! :rolleyes:

Hope this continues so he grows to be a big strong handsome lad :D

Today is a HAPPY day!!! :D
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