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Hi all

I'm still really in the beginning stages of researching chameleon husbandry with a view to purchasing my first cham (my first ever reptile) after I finish university this summer.

Being in the UK, I see that some people are using wooden vivs and I wanted to ask one or two questions about them or the alternatives. I've done a bit of searching on the forum but if you want to redirect me feel free!!

So this is the sort of thing available commercially and as a starter I think I would be best off buying one as I'm no DIY expert! I'm hoping to get an adolescent veiled depending on what is available when I am finally ready to make a purchase!


Would love to hear how suitable anyone thinks this is. Although it doesn't show in the picture, the description explains where all the ventilation and such like is.

What worries me is about it getting TOO warm. The house is modern and never particularly cold but I would still worry about a mesh cage because my boyfriend often opens the windows even in the winter (yes he's weird he's like a human radiator) so then I would think there is a danger of it getting too cold or in a draft and surly it would be easier to regualte temperature in a wooden viv in that situation?

Providing I monitor the viv temperatures, ensure that it isn't in direct sunlight and that the room is ventilated if it is getting hot in there, would this work alright?
If it was getting too hot in there I could always alter to viv and replace some of the glass with mesh.

What about if the cham was to move into a flexarium or similar mesh cage in the summer - or would moving it to a different cage twice a year be too stressful?

I'm so looking forward to getting a chameleon but I want to make sure I get things right so I apologise for my long-winded questions here and any more that may follow :)

i had a viv exotic for my excellent water dragons they are excellent tanks and will be excellent for a chameleon because of the height, especially an adult one. i placed a fish tank a the bottom of mine and filled with water for my water dragons and it created a great humidity and you need this for you chameleon but i wouldn't recommended filling with water due to they are not the swimming type haha. but can create a little pool at the bottom for it to drink and bring abit of humidity but if i was to choose between this and a standard viv. definetly a viv exotic! pricey but look great
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