Wooden Dowels/Ladders and moisture


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Now that some of my plants are dying from overwatering, creating some rather hideous aesthetics and some grossness in the cages, I'm going to give the cages a total redesign since I have to completely tear them down anyway. I got some wooden dowels and those little parrot ladders (I think they're cute).

How long do they last being misted every few hours without being sealed? Would using a standard spray varnish type thing be alright if I let them sit out for a few days to fully dry/get rid of the fumes? I know that certain paint fumes can be a problem.
A good way to manage water in your plants is to add sand to the soil mix.

I mist in my melleri cages for at least an hour per day and i don't have any issues with plants getting too much water.
I did that, actually. My Pothos are doing great but the scheflerra is having none of it :/... Then again, it seems like it's nearly impossible to kill a pothos so that's not surprising, haha.
Are you using a plant bulb in addition to your standard 5.0 Uvb bulb? If not I'd add one, you will see your plants begin to flourish after adding the proper bulb. You will need a 6500k fl plant grow light.
One problem with wooden dowels and perches is that they are usually made from rather soft woods which tend to absorb water, taking a long time to dry between mistings. Continually wet perches can lead to foot issues and fungal infections. Another thing is they are usually quite uniform and smallish in diameter and could possibly cause pressure related foot problems. Like birds, chams feet benefit from a wide variety of perch sizes, shapes and textures. I believe synthetic vines and perches to be better for these reasons. Plus they don't rot. Cheers!
Go to Wal Mart an buy a pack of bamboo stick s for tamato's that are 4 foot long and big on 1 end and small on the other. you get 20 for 3 bucks and u can make ladders or anything u want and they wont rot.
We've been using the parrot ladders for quite a while now and none of them are showing signs of rotting or mold. They're perfect! There is enough time between mistings for them to dry out, not to mention ours are up towards the top as their basking area. That may help with the drying out between mistings.
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