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Just got Wipe Out 1, what do people on this forum think of the product, and maybe some using tips. Thank you.


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uh, forgive me if this sounds stupid, but what the heck is it!!!!? edit: Should have googled it first! Sorry! Never used it!!!

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Its a cleaner of some kind. You can get it a Petsmart. Ive seen it before, but didnt like it. I use bleach/water mix and Healthy Habitat. And Novalson for heavy cleaning.


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Anyone ever used Milton tablets disolved in water, and used in a sprayer as a cleaner? (just a thought, as they use it in the marine fish world)


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I use it and I really like it for disinfecting Hyde's cage and drainage pan. However, keep in mind that it's not animal friendly. Make sure that everything is thoroughly wiped down and completely dry before returning your cham to the enclosure.


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Great, I wiped it down thoroughly and let everything dry first. I seems to work well, everything is nice and clean and bacteria free. Also, how frequent do people do a full cage cleaning (24 x 24 x 48 Reptibreeze is what I have). Thank you.
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