Winner winner chicken dinner!


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Okay, well I will be getting a new addition to my "Reptile Family" in a few weeks. I will be getting a gorgeous Meller's Chameleon from a friend on Facebook. I am not sure if it's a female or male. Also! I need to find a name! Something exotic? Something that goes with a tribe name from the areas it comes form. :)

here is one picture (just a teaser) from today. I will get more that were emailed to me! He is a grumpy Gus! lol
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He looks like a blimp....o_O!

But awesome coloring, reminds me of the carpet chameleon I was debating on before I settled on a Panther.


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I was thinking of my bathroom to make his free range. But I think its too unsanitary. D: maybe converting my closet (its been a thought for some time). I might be backing out of the Melleri for a while longer, I just came across, my dream turtles and I am going to be getting some this next week.


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i like the name Sanka :) it's a character from the old movie "Cool Runnings". Could work for either sex


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Sanka is decaffeinated coffee....

Working off the "winner, winner, chicken dinner" maybe Sanders? Or, Popeye?

Not exotic, I know.

I think it looks like a watermelon in the picture, which lead me to Google "watermelon"....which lead me to the Wikipedia entry.

That suggests Alphonse de Candolle was responsible for classifying this South African plant.


I like it. It's cross gender unusual and exotic as all get out.

I would say it "Candolay" but that's just me.


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You up to the big task of a big chameleon?

Best of luck. Make sure you have enough money for the vet, as always.
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