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Hi,Almost 6 months have passed since my female pardalis had her first clutch.I checked the eggs today and i've noticed that most of them have windows.Is it normal or is it too early?I think that the vermiculite is more moist than normal should i remove the eggs in a dryier container or it is too late to save this clutch?Thank you in advance Aris
I can take some photos tommorow.I've red your post with the nosy falys and the pictures you had posted are sowing eggs that almost look the same as mine look now.Normal in size and shape but the egg has small windows on it:(....
Well, windows aren't necessarily a bad thing. I had incubation temp problems. The windows naturally occur before hatching, but it could also be that it's too damp in your containers. Hopefully we can get more input from others on here, but I do think pictures can help. :)
6 months is not that uncommon. I had the same thing happen when the temps started getting higher, my first clutch began to shrink and sweat. They hatched out around 5 1/2 months after being layed but they were all healthy. Did not see that they babies were any worse for the early hatch. None of them had a yolk sac attached either. I was surprised then but have heard about clutches hatching that early with the same result since. Hope the eggs do well.

I would not move the eggs at this point. You might do more damage trying to place them into dryer medium. Leave the container more open to air to get out some of the extra moisture if that is the case but be careful not to let the eggs dry out. The first clutch I talked about had more moisture than the subsequent clutches i dealt with. It might have something to do with early hatching.
The first 3 months i was incubating them at 20-23 degrees.Then i raised the temperature at 24-26 at added some water about a month ago.I've also openned an egg about three weeks ago and there was o fully formed embryo in but in a very early stage.If i remove the extra moisture will the windows dissapear???
Added moisture

This is exactly how my clutch looked at 5 1/2 months. I believe you are going to have babies soon. Now that you mention you added some moisture, I remember I did the same thing. I was worried that the vermiculite was drying out so I added a small amout of water but this, coupled with the slight rise in temps, triggered an early hatch. That appears to be whats happening here. Like I said before, my neonates were perfectly fine despite hatching early. You should probably get your pinhead crickets and fruitflies ready, just in case. I hope they hatch out without issue. Keep this thread updated please. I am really interested to see what happens :)
I do not believe the windows are going away no matter what is done here. IMO these eggs are going to hatch within the next 2 weeks.
I hope my eggs to have the same luck as yours:).Is it possible an embryo to develop so much only in three weeks?
I hope my eggs to have the same luck as yours:).Is it possible an embryo to develop so much only in three weeks?

I am not sure how quickly the neonates develope inside the egg. I could be wrong about the eggs getting ready to hatch but this looks to be on track with what I saw with my previous experience. Hopefully someone with more knowledge on development will chime in.
Yesterday a baby hatched.It is very weak,it has its eyes closed and it doesn't move very much.What am i suppose to do now?Should i leave it on his own or can i do something to help this cute baby to survive?
I did not have to force feed her thank goodness because she was so small. After about 2 days out of the egg she ate a couple of fruit flies. She didn't eat much at first but enought to stay alive.
They can go several days without food. The neonate just absorbed what was left of the egg yolk before fully hatching. He/She can go at least 2-3 days before eatting and that is fairly common. Just make sure they have access to plenty of water. Mist that baby bin as often as possible when it starts drying out.
You didn't remove the baby from its egg did you??

The baby should slit the egg open and then lay there (looking very dead usually) while it absorbs the yolk. This can take a day (or more sometimes). Then the baby will/should exit the egg on its own. It may still not be quite lively and alert when it comes out of the egg, but should be quite soon after. I don't take them out of the incubator container until they are as a rule...unless I feel there is a reason to.
I have had baby Panthers do this for up to 4 days, but usually it is only a day or 2. I beleive in letting nature take it's course.
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