will this laying bin work


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she started digging in a cup of dry sand in her cage.

i was thinking of taking sand from outside, moist, in a 5 gallon bucket with cover

would that be acceptable?
a breeder i used to know used that style of bin before..he had a low wattage light clipped on the side open top about 12 inches of moist play sand and would sneakley see how shes dooing every so often..if she wasent digging take her out, if she starts wait for awhile for her to complete and rest for a lil bit.....it worked for him..dont see why its not a good idea to try..
i used 50%sand 50%peat in a 5 gallon tub and put it in a spare room where it was quiet for my veiled to lay her eggs in and it worked great!
Babys now hatching:)
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