Will the babies look UTTERLY CRAP?


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There are only three people in Finland who own a panther chameleon and I am one of them. I have had Pedro for 3 years now and finally decided to get a female for him and try to breed these amazing chameleons as the first person in my country. Well, I did get an adult female after long search from germany, and she has now mated and is laying eggs probably next week. The shock is, that she was supposed to be ambanja like my male is, but is apparently ambilobe!! The possibility of getting a female panther came onto me so suddenly and I needed to decide fast, that I trusted the breeders word for her being the same locale as my male. Well, now that he finally sent me some pics of the dad after the purchase(since I still kept requesting them), the dad seems to be definitely ambilobe. So I will be the breeder of mixed locales unfortunately, I will not cancel my breeding plans and I already bought an incubator and everything.

My question is, what do you experienced USA breeders think the babies of these two locales end up looking like? I am fretting that the colors will look damp and horrible, two locale-colors overlapping each other and undermining the best sides of both. Do I have any hope of beautiful offspring?

I will try to attach a photo of my ambanja and the sire of my female ambilobe.



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go to Kammerflage Kreations website, they do some cross breeding and theirs look beautiful. They are experienced in this of course.

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First I would like to start off by saying your male ambanja is gorgeous. Red barred banjas like him are not that common. Too bad you didnt get a same locale female.

I dont think your babies will be dull looking. The only problem with the crossing is now your stuck with a bunch of crossed females to sell that you dont really want. The males will most likely look good. But unless you plan on breeding crosses in the future you'll be stuck wholesaling off the females.


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hey i say if there are only three cham onwers in finland that they must not be very available so you are doing a great thing in my opinon.
best of luck with your project


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Colour plus colour, it's gonna equal colour. Even the dullest looking chams still look super-cool. And I highly doubt they will end up dull. True, could end up with the worst of both, but could also end up with the best of both. :)
Plus you've got to remember that everybody's tastes are different. I love blues & yellows & oranges, others prefer red & green, right? So it all depends, and you're bound to find probably more than one someone who will think your mixes are the absolutely coolest things they've ever seen. ;)


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The only problem with the crossing is now your stuck with a bunch of crossed females to sell that you dont really want.
That's only a problem if those who buy them also want to breed pure chams. Maybe they won't want to breed and only keep as a pet, maybe they won't care. They could always go to someone else if they want a pure. If there are so little cham owners over there I hope the new owners won't want to breed on their first shot and get to know about the animals and maybe try breeding on their second or 3rd chameleon.


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My two crossed panthers are not at all what I would call dull, personally. Some might fight me on that about my faly-ambanja but in person he's quite a bright sky blue color with yellows and reds.

I think they still have every chance to be good looking animals. However, if it worries you I'm afraid that the only alternative is to destroy the eggs you have incubating and wait until you have an ambanja female.


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Crosses are sick

I love crosses they turn out awesome sure you have to sell them for less but exploring new areas of the breed is exciting and the possibilities are endless. The colors won't be dull I'd both parents look awesome most likely the bbys will too.
My cross looks amazing and so have all the crosses I have seen oh and that cham is awesome by the way.


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My thoughts are often different form others and this is another of those times. If you want to breed panthers and those are all you can get then breed them. The chameleons will be pretty as almost all panthers are. If your country has next to no panthers then you should be able to sell all of them even the females. I always go for doing what I want.:)


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NONE of my crosses are dull or in any other way inferior to my pures.

If you were in the USA you likely would have to sell cross females for a lower price than pure females would fetch. But frankly if panthers are hard to get in your country I imagine people will be happy to have a male or female, regardless of lineage. Most people I sell females to dont care about her lineage, or about breeding for that matter.

Still, you may want to get another female to match with your males local. Nothing says you cant breed both crosses and pures. (I do)

Im going to bet you keep at least one of the cross offspring and be very happy with it, male or female.


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When your freinds see your guy.Then see the pic of your females sire. And they find out your raising a few panthers.Im betting you will end up with a waiting list for sure!
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