Will Rieppeleon eat neonates?


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Other than 3 babies I inadvertently saw sitting on a branch last summer, I have not seen any babies in my two terrariums. I have felt eggs in my females and even saw one female digging and laying. One female dropped 2 eggs which I buried but I'm thinking they were infertile and that was why she dropped them instead of burying them.

If I don't spot them when they dig out, will the adults see them as food and eat them? I have a nursery ready for any neonates I see so it doesn't happy but I don't watch 24/7 for any emerging. LOL
A few years ago I had six neonates emerge from the soil in a terrarium that had three females in it. All I can say is that the females didn't eat the neonates and surely had opportunity to do so before I removed the neonates.

That's no guarantee. Just one anecdote.
I know this is old, but yes the mom will try to eat the neonates. I had to pry her jaws open in an attempt to save one of her own babies she was gobbling. She had crushed the head already so it was too late. :( So beware...
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