Will a 3-4 mnth old still eat fruit flys? cricket size?


I am trying to decide which of these to get started.I will start a dubia colony.
But will the little guy still eat fruit flys and how many a day?
Should I buy several cultures?
I will have to get crickets ahead of time.I know they grow pretty quick so what size should I buy at first?
He should have moved on from fruit flies, thats like baby food. As for crickets, depending on how big your cham is, you should be feeding 1/4 or 1/2 inch
I wouldn't even recommend a fruit flies only diet at any stage. Fruit flies are great starters, but it's better if you alternate with pinhead crickets. At 3-4 months, the fruit fly stage has passed.
What size crickets you get will be determined by how far in advance you get the crickets before you get your guy. You can ask the Krammers what size crickets he is eating, they will steer you in the right direction.
If you got your cham from Kammers and he is that age then they recommend the 1/4 inch crickets. That is what I fed mine at like 4 months old and that is about the standard size for 3-4 month old. You don't want to get the crickets too big to start as they will grow.
Okay thanks.Ive never had to deal with fruit flys so I didnt know how big they were.I didnt want to waste money on things he wont eat.
I will probably get crickets and roaches at the expo, its before he gets here so works out well..I may try and gets some worms of some type too.
He could handle reg houseflies at 4 months. Thats another option for you and they are a good enrichment feeder. Not really something I'd use as a staple but good to use to keep your guy from burning out on cricks or dubias. ;)

After hes larger he could handle bb flies. They are bigger than houseflies and more suited to sub adults/ adult chams.
Are you talking about wild caught house flies?
Isnt that kinda gross? We have dogs and I know what those flys have been walking on:eek:
But right now all the bugs are hibernating so its not an option anyway.
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