Wild Jacksons!


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Yesterday when I came back from my workout I found a Jacksons in the Palm beside my window. I was so excited he let me pick him up and then started wondering why he would be in a residental area. There are so many families here that buy chams from the petstores with little to NO information so I guessed he was too much for someone to handle and they let him out in thier yard. I walked him down to an area behind the house where I thought he stood a better chance. After a lil goodluck speech I walked back to the house and inside. There I noticed my chameleon set up on the floor with only 1 Jacksons inside . . . *facepalm* I didnt realise it was my OWN DANG CHAM!!! I guess the dog knocked off the enclousure when the UPS man stopped by and I guess since the window was open Incognito thought he would venture out. I didnt think it could of been mine because Nito had been shedding and the one I found outside was not. I guess he knocked off whatever skin was left. I ran back down behind the house and found Nito waiting patiently for me to figure it out :D


omg lol! though.... if it were mine and I realized I just let him go I would be freaking out XD but good thing you were able to pick him back up!
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